• Natural England welcomes the publication of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report on biodiversity, with its call for a new approach to halt loss of species and habitats, November 10 [1]
  • Science the winner as Government rejects a badger cull, The Wildlife Trusts, July 7 [3]
  • The Wildlife Trusts welcome new measures for the UK’s biodiversity, May 22 [4]
  • EU agricultural reforms are 'kick in the teeth' for wildlife, The Woodland Trust, May 20 [5] topic

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  • Marine and Coastal Access Bill published, December 5 [6] The Bill includes a new network of marine conservation zones and a new right of access for people to walk round the English coast for the first time. topic, topic
  • Wildlife indicators show improvements, November 27 [7]
  • Soil Association calls for urgent ban on dangerous pesticides linked to honey bee deaths, September 29 [9]
  • Government to spend 2 years auditing England’s natural resources – its wildlife, habitats and ecosystems, July 21 [10] The project - aiming for the most comprehensive picture ever of England’s natural environment, the benefits it provides to society, and how it is changing - is to involve a a wide range of partners such as Natural England, the Forestry Commission and the Environment Agency.
428px-Puffin2 Puffins added to the list of dwindling North Sea birdlife - June 4 [11]
  • The European beaver will be reintroduced to Scotland for the first time in more than 400 years. Up to four beaver families to be released in Knapdale, Argyll, on a trial basis in spring 2009. May 25 [12] place
  • Nationally important wetland to become a ‘wildlife highway, April 24 [13]
  • Attenborough launches project to stem butterfly decline. March 13 [14] Conservation initiative aimed at reversing 'silent natural disaster'
  • Decline in the condition of lowland heaths, January 21 [15]

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