Malham countryside1

December 2006 Edit

  • Airport expansion plans run contrary to Government policies on environment - The Woodland Trust, December 14
  • The Wildlife Trusts welcome today’s consultation draft Planning Policy Statement (PPS), Planning and Climate Change, but warn it needs to go further to prepare wildlife for climate change. Wildlife Trusts, December 13 / Spatial planning
  • Further response to Barker Review: "Report flies in the face of public opinion on the importance of the natural environment", The Wildlife Trusts, December 11

November 2006 Edit


Photo credit: Tomi

October 2006 Edit

August 2006 Edit

  • First site to be designated to protect water voles declared in Kent. English Nature, August 16

July 2006 Edit

  • Almost 90 per cent of heathland consumed in fire - Catastrophic rare species losses on top heathland site in stockbroker belt English Nature, July 15 / South East England

June 2006 Edit

Blue Tit1

March 2006 Edit

  • Woodland bird survey reveals large national increases in numbers for some species but decline in long distance migrants, Woodland Trust, March 20

February 2006 Edit

  • UK and Indian governments agree urgent action to save tigers from extinction, Defra, February 6

January 2006 Edit

2005 Edit

Biodiversity UK news - 2010-11 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006-2005 / Biodiversity UK

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