Alexandra Recreation Ground, London Borough of Bromley, SE26

The Big Society is at present an open-ended aspiration that does not allow citizens to gauge progress or assess the extent to which they have succeeded, or not. Failure to provide such clarity could see some citizens become quickly dispirited and disincentivised. Andy Mycock, 12 December [1]


The Big Society - beyond a nice society, November 22 [2]


Me, people like us and the common good, Daniel Goodwin, November 4 [3]


Big soc, good soc? Kevin Harris, 31 October [4]

RT @LouLouK: The big society: enable me, don't lecture me 17 October

Alexandra Recreation Ground, London Borough of Bromley, SE26

Some things I hope the Big Society isn’t, Nick Buckley, October 13 [5]

  • We need LEAPs not LEPs, Toby Blume, 13 October [6]


The Great Transition: what it means for Local Authorities, Nat Wei, October 10 [7]


The Big Society: localism and a sustainability perspective, Chris Church, 06/Oct/10 [8]

  • Big Society – making a market for community organisers and neighbourhood groups, william perrin, September 23 [10]
  • An open letter to Nat Wei about Big Society, Julian Dobson, September 13 [11]
  • Ramblers welcome Government commitment to all-England path, 2nd August [15] “During these times of austerity, it is more important than ever that Government maintains its commitment to funding and creating an all-England coast path which will boost seaside businesses by £128 million per year. Coastal access involves volunteers and the wider community working together to create a grass-roots scheme that, our survey shows, 94% of people want. It should be at the heart of the government’s ‘Big Society’ vision.” Kate Ashbrook, coastal access campaigner and Ramblers Trustee topic , topic
  • Social networks and the connective tissue of a Big Society, Headshift blog post by Lee Bryant, July 20 [16]

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Vertical axis wind turbine

Government launches community energy website, intended as a "a one stop shop for communities interested in generating energy on a community scale." “Community energy is a perfect expression of the transformative power of the Big Society." Climate Change Minister Greg Barker, 25 November [19] In a speech to the Combined Heat and Power Association, Greg Barker described communities installing their own low carbon energy, like combined heat and power plants, wind and water turbines or district heating networks, as epitomising the vision of the Big Society. topic


Public enthusiastic to join the 'Big Society', but put off by time constraints and red tape, 24 November [20]


Nine Pioneer Areas selected to take part in ‘Your Local Budget’ – a programme designed to give people a say in how mainstream local authority budgets are spent: Norfolk County Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Manton Community Alliance, in Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire Association of Local Councils, Dulverton Town Council, in Somerset, Sheffield City Council, Liverpool City Council, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, 24.11 [21] topic

  • Presentation on the Big Society Network, which includes extensive information on plans, 16 11 10

Ed Miliband rehearses 'good society' guru's lines in conference speech, 28 September [22]

Big Society UK news 2011 - 2010


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