A Monumental Error in the Making – The curious case of the expansion of the National Citizen Service, Jonny Zander, October 7 [1]

Dream on -

Somerset Transition reversal raises questions over localism agenda, 11 Mar [2] topic, place

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New independent audit of Big Society announced, 17th November [3]


Information concerning Big Society Vanguard areas shared, 18 July [4]

  • Team London launched, based on the successful ‘Cities of Service’ model instigated in New York, and will focus on three key areas- crime, improving quality of life and increasing youth opportunities. March 4 [5] place


Digital platform and printed materials to be ready by the summer and by September a new nationwide mutual called ‘Your Square Mile’ to launch, which every UK citizen will be able to join. 2 Feb 2011 [6]

Big Society UK news 2011 - 2010


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