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from the point of view of Sustainable Community Action

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Offer - to facilitate a discussion on Deepening local demcoracy.
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Deepening local demcoracy Edit

News Edit

UK January 2009

  • Only 39 per cent of people feel they can influence decisions affecting their local area. 22 per cent feel they could influence decisions affecting Great Britain, January 29 [1] Both measures remain unchanged since 2007/08 but both have fallen since 2001. These findings come from the Citizenship Survey: April - September 2008 (covering the first two quarters of data from the 2008-09 survey).

USA January 2009

  • White House plans open government, January 22 [2] place

UK December 2008

  • Prime Minister calls for more investment in technology and eco-friendly industries, December 8 [3] “We have looked at how, just as many years ago investment in road and rail and infrastructure was a powerful stimulus to the economies then, so too in this new age we can invest in the digital infrastructure for the future.”

Travel less, connect more, deeper local democracy? Edit

  • Transport accounts for 28% of UK carbon dioxide emissions and with growing road traffic and flights is expected to increase. Source: Campaign for Better Transport, November 24 2008
  • Committee on Climate Change recommends a minimum 34% cut in GHG emissions by 2020, November 30 [4]

Success stories Edit

More and better connected, deeper local democracy? Edit

  • All of the businesses surveyed for a Campaign for Better Transport alternatives to aviation report said that teleconferencing can reduce the need to travel, October 10. [5] This need could be reduced still further if the Government worked closely with businesses to increase the take-up of teleconferencing technology.
  • "Multi-purpose conference centres become more prevelant and the definition of a conference gets increasingly stretched. Large flexibly designed conference rooms are re-purposed for everything from film festivals to roller-blading contests on different days. These are the social centres of the city and one of the main reasons for coming into the city." [6]
  • Just 38 per cent of respondents to the Citizenship Survey (April 2007 - March 2008) felt able to influence decisions in their local area whilst only 39 per cent of people were involved in some kind of civic participation such as attending a public meeting, signing a local petition or contacting a local councillor. The findings tally closely with data from this year's local elections which showed average voter turnout at around 40 per cent or less. Source: Communities and Local Government June 26
  • six in ten people do not feel they are given an adequate say on how local council services are run;
  • more than 9 in 10 people believe accountability of councils could be improved;
  • nearly four in 10 people do not feel councillors are representative of their communities and six in 10 do not believe they adequately reflect their views.

Source: Communities and Local Government, March 5 2008

  • 37 per cent of people feel they can influence decisions affecting their local area. 20 per cent feel they could influence decisions affecting Great Britain. Source: 2007 Citizenship Survey, Communities and Local Government. Both measures have fallen since 2001 where they were at 44 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

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Deeper questions about the role of government Edit

Village cinema Edit

Us Now. Added: November 25, 2008. About 2 min.
Clay Shirky - Future Transformations. Added: July 24, 2008. About 5 min.

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