• Committee on Climate Change challenges Government to cut transport carbon emissions, Campaign for Better Transport , December 1 [1] topic, topic
  • Government green light to 10 million extra passengers at Stansted airport condemned, FoE, October 9 [2] topic, place. The Government has also announced a public Inquiry into plans to build a second runway at Stansted.
  • Government backing to expansion of Stansted Airport in clear contrast to tougher targets to cut climate-trashing emissions, Greenpeace, October 9 [3] topic, place
  • UK 'needs tougher climate target' , Committee on Climate Change, Ocotber 7 [4] The committee's advice, which includes that cuts must come from all sectors of the economy - including international aviation and shipping emissions too, is "fantastic news", FoE [5] topic
  • Government "having a massive runway wobble" say Greenpeace in response to the announcement that a decision on the expansion of Heathrow airport is to be delayed until the end of the year, July 8 [6]

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  • All of the businesses surveyed for a Campaign for Better Transport alternatives to aviation report said that teleconferencing can reduce the need to travel, October 10. [7] This shift highlights the necessity for Government to rethink the supposed need for airport expansion. This need could be reduced still further if the Government worked closely with businesses to increase the take-up of teleconferencing technology. topic
  • Economic case for Heathrow airport flawed, say Stockholm Environment Institute, July 23 [8]
  • Sustainable Development Commission and ippr find widespread controversy over key data on air travel in the UK, including the benefits to the UK economy, its contribution to climate change, noise and air pollution, and the potential for technology to reduce aviation's environmental impacts. Report concludes that the high levels of conflict around the effects of aviation are bad for government, the industry, and citizens, creating rising distrust and undermining policy decisions. May 21 [9]
  • Government forced to review the impact of Heathrow airport expansion on local ethnic minority communities following a legal challenge from Hounslow Race Equality Council (Hounslow REC), represented by Friends of the Earth's Rights and Justice Centre, April 15 [10]

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